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Inactivity Timers


  • Inactivity: 180 days before deletion
  • Note: Character deletion will result in any of the below along with any items that character owns (horses, wagons, etc) being deleted.

Realtor Properties:

  • Inactivity: 7 Days (Will be in foreclosure for 2 days before being lost.)
  • LOA: Can be requested with a realtor in character, telegram Box#001

Instanced Housing:

  • Inactivity: 30 Days 
  • LOA: Can be transferred to a friend to mind


Government (In Town) Markets:

Regular Markets:

  • Inactivity: 7 days (has 30 days in hold status before deletion)
  • LOA: Put in offline mode to secure for 90 days.


  • Inactivity is based on camp size, see the graphic below.
  • LOA: Put in a general use LOA ticket or transfer to a friend