To contact a law enforcement agency, a telegram can be sent to the following recipient:

Valentine Sheriff
Saint Denis Sheriff
Blackwater Sheriff
Armadillo Sheriff

To Contact the marshals office, a telegram can be sent to the following recipient:

Marshals Office

Conspiracy to or accessory to is applicable to all laws.

| Capital Felony Offenses

LawDefinitionFineTime in Days
Capital MurderMurder of a any of the following: Government Official, State Employee, Murder of a witness or juror, Murder of an Attorney.$4,000.001000 in
Attempted Capital MurderMurder of a any of the following: Government Official, State Employee, Murder of a witness or juror, Murder of an Attorney.$2,000.00600 in Sisika
Capital Assault and/or KidnappingKidnapping and/or assault of a any of the following: Government Official, State Employee, witness, juror or attorney in an active case.$1,500.00500 in Sisika
Corruption as a State EmployeeSelling of confiscated items | Tipping off criminals as to law’s inner workings or records with malicious intent | Assisting on criminal activities in any way Possessing illegal items | Falsifying or tampering with Law records | Falsifying On/Off Duty records$2,000.00600 in Sisika
Prison EscapeBeing caught as having escaped from Sisika.$2,000.00600 in
Anarchy or Menace to Society1. The use and/or threat of violence and intimidation, in the pursuit of political or social objectives.
2. The Murder or attempted murder of 5 or more person(s) within a 24 hour period.
3. Explosive damage to property inside the Town limits.
4. Using fire bottles and/or dynamite within Town limits.
$3,000.00600 in

| Class A Felony Offenses

LawDefinitionFineTime in Days
MurderIntentionally, willingly causing the death of an individual (citizen or townsfolk) through direct or indirect actions.$1,250.00300 in Sisika
Bank RobberyThe unlawful and or forceful removal of gold, cash and valuables from a bank within the state of New Dakota.$1,250.00300 in Sisika
Train RobberyThe unlawful and or forceful removal of gold, cash and valuables from a locomotive within the state of New Dakota.$1,250.00300 in Sisika
CannibalismThe act or practice of consuming humans.$1,250.00300 in Sisika
KidnappingTaking an individual against their will.$1,250.00300 in Sisika

| Class B Felony Offenses

LawDescriptionFineTime in Days
Robbery/thievery of an IndividualThe Unlawful and/or Forceful removal of personal belongings of a citizen or local.$750.00175
Store Robbery
Market Robbery
The unlawful and/or forceful removal of Gold, Cash and Valuables from a General Store within the State of New Dakota.$750.00175
Attempted MurderAttempting to intentionally or willingly cause death of an individual.$750.00175
Cattle RustlingStealing or harming someone else’s cattle.$750.00175
ArsonIntentionally setting fire to a structure, Cart, Wagon, Boat that is not owned by the perpetrator.$750.00175
Possession and/or Distributing Illegal Firearms/ItemsThe possession and/or selling of illegal firearms, weapons or related item(s).$750.00175
Horse Theft/Wagon TheftThe act of taking a horses, Wagons and Carts without prior authorisation from the Owner.$750.00175
Selling/Production and/or Transportation of Illegal substancesSelling or the manufacturing of raw or processed products. $750.00175
Escaping or attempting to escape arrest.Intentionally fleeing from Law while they are detaining a person.$750.00175
Assault with a Deadly WeaponInjuring someone with a weapon (Firearms, throwables, knifes, lasso)$750.00175
ImpersonationClaiming to be, or in any way presenting one’s self as another person.$750.00175
Obstruction of JusticeAn act that corruptly or by threats or force, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice.$750.00175
Attempted KidnappingFailing at any point during an attempt to to forcefully restrain someone against their will.$750.00175
Possession of ContrabandThe possession of contraband to include:
Lockpick(s), moonshine still(s), badges, handcuffs, drug dealing satchel, TNT Bundles,

| Minor Felony Offenses

LawDefinitionFineTime in Days
Disorderly Conduct |
Failure to comply
Disruptive behavior or public fighting.
The action, or lack thereof that causes a person to fail in meeting obligations set by law.
Desecration of a grave/burial siteDesecrating a grave with malice intent (robbery included).$250.0050
Use of any weapons within town limits.Use of any weapons within town limits (With the intent to harm others.)$250.0050
Possessing a longarm within town limits.Possessing a longarm within town limits (Having long guns strapped to your back in town.)$250.0050
Brandishing a Firearm within town limits.Brandishing a Firearm within town limits (Drawing or holding a weapon with or without intent to use.)$250.0050
Aggravated AssaultAssault with a deadly weapon or battery.$250.0050
Breaking & EnteringForcefully entering a building without authorization.$250.0050
ManslaughterKilling an individual with or without malice or intent.$250.0050
Possession with intent to distributePossession of an illegal substance with the intent to distribute
(Thirty [30] or more illicit items collectively.

Animal CrueltyShooting or harassing a domesticated animal.$250.0050
VigilantismWith good or bad intention, enforcing the law without legal authority.$250.0050
Bribery of a Government or State EmployeeTo persuade someone to act in one’s favor by gift or money$250.0050
Attempted Robbery (Any Form)Attempted Robbery of a General Store, Bank, Train and/or Person(s).$250.0050
HarrassmentAny aggressive pressure or intimidation towards an individual or group of individuals.
Includes verbal or physical.

| Misdemeanor Offenses

LawDefinitionFineTime in Days
Possession of an illegal substancePossession of an illegal substance
(Ten [10] or more illicit items collectively)
Mask OrdinanceWearing a mask within town limits without a permit.$125.0020
Knowingly providing false informationProviding incorrect information to law intentionally.$125.0050
Unarmed AssaultInjuring a person without a weapon.$125.0050
Public IntoxicationBeing under the influence of any substance in public.$125.0050
TrespassingThe act of knowingly or unknowingly entering private property without permission.
Excludes campgrounds.
Includes rooftops in town.
VandalismPlacing signs in town with the intent to disrupt or target another citizen.$125.0050
NegligenceKnowingly leaving your dependents unattended.$125.0050
SpeedingAnything over a trot on a horse or in a buggy within city & town limits.$125.0050
Please note: Law is currently not obligated to honor ransoms.