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Here are all of the available commands in DRB. 

| On Foot

Keyboard Input
Action Controller Input
B Open Inventory Tap Right on D Pad
J Cycle Voice Proximity Tap Left On D Pad
H Call Horse Tap Up on D Pad
Long Press Left Alt Player Menu Tap Down on D Pad
Long Press Tab Weapon Wheel Hold L1 or Left Bumper
Hold R/Mouse Button Focus/Aim Hold L2 or Left Trigger
Q Enter/Exit Cover Tap R1 or Right Bumper
C Look Behind You Hold R3 or RS
Left ctrl Crouch Tap L3 or LS
Hold/Tap Left Shift Run/Sprint Hold or Tap X or A
Press Left Alt Player Menu Hold Down on D Pad
V Cycle Camera Tap Select or Back
esc Red Dead Redemption Menu Tap Options or Start
G Point Use Emote Menu
I Hands Up Use Emote Menu

Opening the Text Box

To use any in game command, the text box will need to first be opened. This can be achieved by tapping the ‘T’ button while in the game.

| In Game Display Options

Command Action
/loadskin Load Character Skin
/loadc Reload Character
/loadclothing Reload Clothing
/hud Toggle1 Heads Up Display
/showcash Toggle Cash in Pocket Display
For permanent options, please visit government services in the game.
/showtime Shows Local Server Time
/showcoords Toggle Current Coordinates
/showchat Shows /me chat history
/talking Toggle Talking Display Above Players
/reticle Toggles Reticle
/reticleDetect Toggles Animal Detection
/reticlecolor Changes Reticle Color
/reticlecolor2 Changes Detection Reticle Color
/reticletype Changes Reticle Type
/reticlesize Change Reticle Size
/swapmap Changes Location of HUD Map
/cycleproximity Cycles Through Vocal Range

| Game Mechanics

/camp_load Reloads all Camps
/house_load Reloads All Houses
/market_load Reloads all Markets
/market_permit Opens Market Permit Menu
/fixinvisible Fixes Invisibility Issue
/endmission End Current Mission
/tackload Load Horse Tack
/givemoney Transfer money to a character
/endbath Ends Bath if Stuck
/box Displays Box #
/emergency Teleports you to random location when stuck
/pvp Toggle PVP Mode
/status Shows Social Circle Status
/checkjob Shows Current Job
/add_wagon Add Closest Person to Wagon
Law Specific Command
/face_anims Opens menu to change facial expression
/rcboat Puts away RC Boat

| Player Scenes

Command Action Other
/ops Displays permanent in game text box that stays with character Clears with server resets
/cops Clears in game text box on character  
/hops Hide Ops  
/me Displays temporary in game text box on character  
/do Displays temporary in game text box in red on character  
Home Key Displays semi-permanent in game text box on character location
A small purple reticle appears on screen. Line the reticle up with where you want to place your text. Press home button again to place.
View distance: 1 = closest….10 = Farthest.
Clears with server resets

| Stance Styles

/badass Stand with Arms crossed
/crossarms Stand with Arms Crossed
/handonhip Place hands on hips

| Walk Styles


| Job Specific

Command Job
/follow_all Rancher
/graze_all Rancher
/herd_all Rancher
home_all Rancher
/take Law
/take_wagon Law
/jail Law
/leo Law
/wear_prison Law

| Dance Styles

Command Action Special Features
/cancan Begin CanCan Dance  
/dancepair Dance as partners  
/firedance Begin Fire Dance  
/snake Snake Dance  
/sword Sword Dance  
/dance Dancestyle1 Stationary
/dance2 Dancestyle2 Stationary
/dance3 Dancestyle3 Stationary
/dance4 Dancestyle4 Stationary
/dance5 Dancestyle5 Stationary
/dance6 Dancestyle6 Stationary
/dance7 Dancestyle7 Stationary
/dance8 Dancestyle8 Stationary
/dance9 Dancestyle9 Stationary
/dance10 Dancestyle10 Stationary
/dance11 Dancestyle11 Stationary
/dance12 Dancestyle12 Stationary

| Emotes

Command Response
/C Cancel/Stop Emote
/applause Clap
/badass Stance
/bandana Pulls bandana up
/beckon Gesture someone to come to you
/beg Starts Begging
/blowkiss Blow a Kiss
/blowkiss2 Blow a Kiss
/bow Namiste
/bow2 Respectful Greeting
/broom Sweep the Floor
/cane 1 Use a cane
/cane 2 Use a cane
/cane 3 Use a cane
/cane 4 Use a cane
/dc stop using cane
/champagne Have a glass of Champagne
/checktime Look at the Time
/chew Hang on belt and itch butt
/chicken Taunt someone
/cigar Smoke Cigar
/cig Smoke Cigarette
/cleanglass Bartender Cleaning Glasses
/cleantable Clean a Table in Front of You
/coffee Drink Coffee
Can Walk
/coinflip Flip a Coin
Can Walk
/clipboard Use a clipboard
/cry Weep
/cuckoo Roll hand around head
/damnyou Agitated Hand Posture
/ddrink Drunkenly Drink your Beverage
/drink Drink beer
Item Required
/drunkpassout Pass out on floor
/falldowndrunk Collapse drunk
Male only
/fan Use a hand held fan
/feed Feed chickens
/fiddle Play the fiddle
Female only
/fistpump Pump fist in the air
/fkneel Get on knees
/flex Flex at someone
/flipoff Flip someone off
/followme Gesture to follow
/frieghtened Hands in front scared
/ftend Tend to fire
/gonnacry Mocking
/guitar Play guitar
/handsup Put hands up
/knock Knocking motion
/ko Down yourself
/layonback Lay on your back
/layonside Lay on your side
/lean Lean against the wall
/leanbar Lean down on railing/counter
/leanbar2 Lean down on railing/counter
/leanbeer Lean holding drink
Male only
Command Response
/leancheckgun Leans checking weapon
Male only
/leansharpenknife Leans checking weapon
Male only
/leantallfence Leans against high wall
Male only
/leanlowfence Lean on a low wall or railing
Male only
/leanpipe Lean against wall
Item required
/leanchat Lean against counter or rail
/letsgo Points afar
/lookfar Hand over eyes
/mercy Beg/plea
/mourn Pray
/nearest Seats you in nearest chair
/notes Use a notebook
/nod Nod your head ‘yes’
/passoutback Pass out with bottle in hand
/passoutdrunk Pass out
Male only
/peek Peek around corner
/pee Urinate
Male Only
/pipe Use a Pipe
Item required
/point Point at someone
/pointlaugh Point and laugh
/pullweeds Pick plants from ground
Male only
/rcboat Stow RC boat
/rd Ragdoll
/rake Use a rake
/rolldice Roll the dice
/rps Rock Paper Scissors
/sidesaddle (Left or right)
/sit Sit down
/sit2 Sit down
/sitbook Sit and read a book
/sitdrink Sit and drink
Item required
/sitnews Sit and read newspaper
/sitsmoke Smoke while seated
Item required
/sleepback Lay on ground
/sleepground Lay on ground
/sleeves Roll up your sleeves
/smelly Wave hand in front of face
/smoke Smoke a cigarette
Item required
/spit Spit at someone
/spooky Taunt
/spooky2 Taunt
/spooky3 Taunt
/tada Wave arm in front of yourself
/tiphat Tip your hat to someone
/trumpet Play trumpet
Please don’t
/vomit Gets the rat stew out of you
/vomitkneel Gets the rat milk out of you
/watchingyou Taunt
/wave Wave hand
/wave2 Wave hand
/yeehaw Get pumped