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Ask IC

| What does ask IC mean?

If you’ve gone to our discord, asked a question and been told to “ask IC”, that can be a very confusing and discouraging response.
New players shouldn’t be deterred by this response!

When another player in the Discord tells you to ask IC, it means to ask around in character.

| Why ask IC?

While it can be frustrating not immediately receiving an answer to your question, players are asked to respect the rules of Meta. This information is easily boiled down to even information about where to get a job, or how to earn money.

While we’ve created guides in an attempt to help new players get their bearings, we’d still like for players to explore the world as their characters, and learn information for their characters. We believe in putting in some effort to your character, rather than everything being spoon fed to the community. It’s much more fun to experience things as you would in the real world, and it can be more rewarding when you finally are able to obtain an answer to a question you’ve had for a week.