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Gameplay Guidelines

| General Reminders

[10.01] Players are to remain in character at all times.

[10.01-A] The use of OOC talk and terminology will result in a minimum of 1 week ban for first time offenders.

[10.01-B] Repeat offenders may face a permanent ban, at the discretion of the moderator team.

[10.02] If you encounter a technical problem, try to roleplay your technical question to those around you. The use of the Jargon page may come in handy

[10.03] In the event of a problem with another player, roleplay the scenario to the end, then ticket the issue for moderator review.
Announcing Government involvement is not necessary and strongly frowned upon.

[10.04] Exercise the use of VYL at all times and under all circumstances.
Don’t be a hero. You’re not invincible.

[10.05] No more than 4 people may be involved on a single side of an active scenario.

[10.06] Remain aware of population capacity.
Large groups should vacate towns when population reaches max when not involved in an active scenario.

[10.07] Music played over the mic should be copyright free and fit the server era.
We encourage creativity within music & arts, however common sense is strongly urged when selecting music.

[10.08] All players must respond when engaged with, however players aren’t required to have a working mic, and may utilize the /me command for communication

| Prohibited Actions

  • Metagaming
  • RDM
  • Powergaming
  • Revenge RP within 48 IRL minutes of conflict
  • ERP
  • Voice IDing
  • The use of OOC terminology or general OOC conversation.
  • Use of 3rd party communications
  • The attempted use of technicalities to avoid obvious rule breaks
  • Horseplay within town limits and highly populated areas.
  • Impersonation of a doctor.
  • Protests.
  • Child Characters.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Supernatural Abilities.
    • Characters can claim belief in superstition.
  • Combat Logging
  • Access to Sisika island for civilian townsfolk.
    • Guards, law enforcement & prisoners only.
    • Guards & Law Enforcement are able to escort important personnel to Sisika for RP purposes.
  • Body dumping in inaccessible areas is prohibited.
  • Group Stacking.
    2 groups of 4=8=prohibited
  • Forcing a player to empty bank account.
  • Forcing a player to hand over house keys.
  • Suicide RP.

| Alternate Characters

[11.01] Players are allowed up to 4 separate characters within DRB. Those characters are not to know one another, or let story arcs touch in any way.

[11.02] Transferring of items between these characters is prohibited.
Transferring items to a 3rd party to hold and eventually give to those characters is prohibited.

[11.03] Players with alternate law and criminal character cannot operate within the same region as one another.

[11.04] When alternating between law and criminal characters, players are required to wait a 30 minute cooldown before engaging in activities on those alternate characters.

[11.05] The use of the word ‘cousin’ in reference of your alternate character is prohibited.

| Rules of Engagement & Progression

[12.01] Players with real life circumstances may RP persistence in being excused. Players found abusing this rule to avoid undesirable scenarios will be removed from the community.

[12.02] /ops tags are used to enhance visual aid in roleplay. The use of /ops for anything outside of visual aid is prohibited.

[12.03] Be mindful of pacing. Respect the pacing of the roleplay and the preferences of other participants.

[12.04] Give others a chance to contribute. Allow space for other players to actively participate and contribute to the story. Avoid dominating the spotlight or overshadowing others. 

| Medical RP

Initial Interaction

[13.01] Calling for a physician means you’ve initiated a medical roleplay scenario. Players are required to engage in medical roleplay if they’ve called for the physician.

[13.02] You (the injured) lead the Roleplay, meaning you make all the decisions that directly affect your character. Physicians are not allowed to assume injuries and must be given the scenario via the use of /do.

[13.03] The use of /ops may be used to aid in an initial scene assessment for an arriving physician.

[13.04] It is up to the discretion of a physician to leave a patient due to a lack of engagement. Should a physician leave the scene due to failrp, a ticket must be submitted for moderator review.

[13.05] Players who have called for a physician and disconnect unintentionally should relog, use /rd and continue to roleplay their injuries.

[13.06] Doctors are only required to try up to three (3) times to restore vitals prior to declaring a patient dead.

[13.07] If roleplaying an unconscious patient who is unable to respond even after receiving treatment, doctors reserve the right to exercise implied consent.
Meaning if a doctor is looking to transport you to a hospital, they would not need explicit permission from the patient. 

Expand for recommendations, examples & injury chart.

Before calling for a physician, loosely plan out the scenario you’d like to run. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What was the cause of getting where I am?
  • What kind of injuries would that cause give me?
  • How severe do I want my injuries to be?
  • Does it make sense for me to be talking?

Injury Chart

Class 3

Injuries that do not require any invasive intervention.
Basic ouchies.
Non life threatening.

Bumps, bruises, minor burns, minor scrapes, minor cuts.

Recommended Recovery Time
1-3 in game days.

Class 2

Injuries that may require some invasive intervention such as sutures.
Could be life threatening if left untreated.

Cranial bumps leading to minor concussions, moderate burns, broken bones, moderate cuts.

Recommended Recovery Time
1-3 in game weeks.

Class 1

Injuries that will definitely require invasive intervention for recovery. Life threatening with and without treatment.

Cranial bumps leading to severe concussions, severe burns, amputation, vital organ endangerment.

Recommended Recovery Time
1-3 in game months.

Example Scenario

A hunter is out stalking a deer in the woods. Just as the hunter begins closing in on the deer, they hear the roar of a large bear nearby. The deer bounds away with speed and agility, as does the hunters horse, leaving them there with only their bow to defend themselves. The hunter can hear the bears large feet thumping the ground closer and closer until the bear jumps out reaching it’s target. The hunter immediately blacks out.

You, as the hunter at this point call for a doctor. and wait patiently for your physician to arrive.
While you’re waiting think about the questions outlined in the Recommended preparation.

  • Cause – Bear attack.
  • Injuries – Multiple deep wounds all over body, severe head injury, broken leg.
  • Severity – Class 2

While waiting for the physician to arrive, you can arrange a quick /ops scene stating something such as: obvious animal attack victim.
You don’t want to be too specific, because the arriving party or any passerby may not be able to conclude things like the type of animal or the injuries at a glance.
When the physician arrives on scene they will check your characters vitals. That typically is checking for a pulse, and breathing.
In this case, your character might have labored breathing (difficulty breathing).
After providing the physician with your characters vitals, they will begin to examine your character for injuries.
With the aid of /do, provide the physician with your injuries, and answer any follow-up questions they may have. The physician will end the scenario with a treatment of some sort, and ask for your characters name for their chart. It is your choice to provide them with a real or fake name. This is usually relevant for criminals ‘in hiding’.

| New Life Rule

[14.01] Players are required to avoid hostile activity for 48 real life minutes (1 in game day) after being revived by any physician.
This includes interactions with law, and escape attempts.

[14.02] Players who have been been revived by a traveling (player) physician may retain their memory of the events that led up to their injuries.

[14.03] Players who have been seriously injured by law must cooperate even after being revived by a doctor.

[14.04] Players cannot self revive during an active scenario, unless scenario is preplanned and approved by a member of the Lead Moderation team.

[14.05] Players who have self revived or been revived by a stationary doctor’s assistant, (NPC in town) must have no memory of the events 10 real life minutes leading up to their concussion.

| Character vs. Character Hostility

[15.01] When challenging to a duel, both players must consent to a duel.
Duels consist of 1v1 shoot-off using revolvers. The losing party must perma their character.
All duels must have a purpose within roleplay.

[15.02] When engaging in violence with another character, your character must have a good reason within roleplay.

See Poor Reasons to Murder
  • Murdering Law Enforcement for asking you to obey the laws.
  • Murder of a Doctor for treating a competitor.
  • For insult or sport.
  • Roleplay not going your way
  • Bystanders for being bystanders.

[16.01] All state employees are entitled to a leave of absence (LOA) from their job for up to 2 weeks. 

[16.02] All leave of absence notifications should be submitted under the #create-a-ticket Discord channel.

[16.03] During a leave of absence, the affected character is not permitted to use any job related credentials, equipment,  documentation, or perform any job related tasks. Equipment may be stored anywhere off person, and the respective library shelf will become unavailable until the LOA has concluded. 

[16.04] Any employees with an excessive number of LOA notifications may be subject for termination. Termination will be at the discretion of the department lead and/or the operations team.

| Permadeath

[17.01] A character is declared dead when they have utilized “/do no pulse” after resuscitation efforts.
After a declaration of death is made, a character may not spring back to life.

[17.02] Characters cannot return as a relative after being perma’d.
Players may not create a character with the same name, or a name similar to their perma’d character.

[17.03] Suicide RP is not allowed and will result as in a permanent ban.

[17.04] Players may not force permadeath upon another player.

[17.05] Players must delete the character being perma’d. If a moderator is informed of a character not being deleted after a declaration of death, the player may face a permanent ban from the server.

| Lassos & Hogtying 

[18.01] Lassoing another player requires proper RP initiation. Characters should be lassoing as a last resort or an end to the scenario.

[18.02] If you are hogtied, you must remain bound until released. An abandoned hogtied player may break out after 5 minutes.

[18.03] If while being hogtied your character stands back up, you are to remain still to be retied. Game exploits cannot be used as a method of escape, or avoidance.

[18.04] Imaginative use of knives cannot be used as a method of escape.

[18.05] The use of instant hogtie ability can result in moderator intervention.

| Events & Advertisements Boards

[19.01] There are 2 types of boards in New Dakota: Events, and Advertisements.
Both boards can be found at any telegraph (where you receive letters from other players).

[19.02] The Advertisements boards are to be used as an advertisement for a service, consisting of the service available, and contact information for the service..

[19.03] Events boards are used to advertise for events, and are linked to the community Discord. The specified information is the event itself, the place and the time of the event.

[19.04] Misuse of the boards will result in a blacklisting of the specified board.

| Trains

[20.01] No player except the Engineer may operate the train. You may F around if you wish, but don’t be upset when you find out.

[20.02] Riding on the roof of the train as a passenger is prohibited. Criminals may utilize roof space within RP.

[20.03] Players may attempt a robbery of a train, either stationary or moving.
Engineers may not be forced to speed up the train, kill someone using the train, or skip stops.

| Bank Bond Transports

[21.01] Accepting a transport or engaging with an active transport means being willing to participate in open PVP against competitors. 

[21.02] Bond transport(s) may not be started during the times in which crime is not permitted. 

[21.03] The transport posse must have probable cause before engaging with individuals outside of their group during transport.

[21.04] Starting a transport in an overpopulated area is prohibited. Groups are required to wait, or start a transport in a lower populated area.

[21.05] Competitors are required to wait for a server notification to engage with the transport, in addition to the transport leaving town limits.

[21.06] Groups participating in transports must observe a 48 minute cooldown regardless of the outcome.

[21.07] Group stacking is prohibited for law, transport group, and competitor group.

[21.08] If downed during a transport, individuals may not reengage with the transport, regardless of how they’re revived.

[21.08] Competitors should not simply or only go for the downing of the coach's horses.

Prohibited Weapons:

  • Dynamite
  • Fire Bottles
  • Poison Bottles
  • Scoped rifles (Unless a bag has been retrieved)