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DRB Jargon

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The use of jargon is a very important part of roleplaying within any server. It’s about using creativity within improv, while keeping realism in mind.
The goal within teaching proper jargon, is not to dictate how a person communicates whilst roleplaying, but rather encourage more creative thinking when speaking for your character. After all, it can make or break someone’s immersion while trying to communicate.

Telling someone in real life that your head popped is sure to turn heads, whereas stating you have a migraine makes a lot more sense when having a conversation in the real world.

Many roleplayers are conditioned to using some ridiculous phrases without thought, which is why we’ve added a list of things to say, and a list of things not to say.

Roleplay Jargon

Cringe Jargon | Stop Using This Please!

Cringe Jargon In Use Instead Use
Headpop Used to refer to a disconnect. Instead try "Migraine"
Bible Used to refer to the rules of the server. Instead try “Government Laws”
Inventory Used to refer to inventory Instead try “Pockets, bag, backpack, saddlebags, storage locker, safe”


Used to refer to content creation. Instead try "Eye is twitching | Wearing glasses"
Discordia Used to refer to discord. Instead try "newspaper"
Rice & Peas | Raspberry Pie Used to mention RP Please just stop doing this.
In Head Used to go AFK Instead try “I’ll be right back” and proceed to a quiet area where no one can see you.
Take a Memory Used to refer to taking a clip. Instead try “Did you remember that?”
Spiritual Used to talk about IRL. Instead try not mentioning IRL.
What is your book level? Used to ask about character level Instead try “How many books do you have?” or “How many books have you read
Pigeons Used to refer to Discord DMs. If you must mention these horrible avian creatures, please ensure there is no one present.