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Gang & Group Whitelisting Information

| About Gang Whitelisting

Gang whitelisting is a fancy way of government officials stating that you are a recognized group within the State. It creates an accountability system within gang activity and promotes friends keeping friends in check.


  • Having up to 6 in an active scenario.
  • Gang alliances.
  • Participation in gang wars and bank robberies.

Gangs with good behavior will be met with additional benefits such as a gang role in discord with your gangs insignia (if you have one).
Good behavior is associated with a lack of rule breaks and OOC conflict.

| Forming and Managing a Gang

Getting Whitelisted

Gang – A consensual group with a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 12 members until fully whitelisted.
The leader must have a minimum of one months time in the server with consistent activity prior to applying.
The leader must have information the following information ready for staff when applying:

Official Gang Name

This will be the name your gang is known as to the public. All names must meet adhere to server rules.

Gang Identifier

This will be an article of clothing or an item that your gang wears to show unity.
Gangs may not force townsfolk to remove an identifier the gang has chosen.

Member Names and Leadership

All members and the established hierarchy. Leadership should consist of at least 2 people for management purposes.

Preferred Territory

Gangs can claim an area as their territory and seek to control that territory for RP reasons.
2 gangs may inhabit the same territory, but should limit gang wars and shootouts within town limits.

Gang Purpose

The gang should have a reason or purpose within RP. Whether it be a common goal amongst members, a common belief, or just a group of friends off to make the world a better place.

A channel will be opened when you’ve submitted your application, and a member of the moderation team with be in contact with the gang. Gang leaders will have the ability to add and remove gang members from their gangs channel. If approved, this channel will be your gangs official roster and communicative space with staff.

See also Gang & Group Whitelist Guidelines