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Gang & Group Whitelisting Guidelines

Code of Conduct

All large Gangs & Groups in New Dakota must apply for whitelisting. This is to ensure there is awareness of our Criminal Code of Conduct, accountability for rule breaks and to keep a level playing-field between gangs. 

Your gang's establishment within the state should be an organic and story-driven process.

Coming into the state and causing havoc and petty crimes to get noticed by law may get yourself and your group removed from the server.

Taking time to create a story behind your group and their actions is an important part of becoming a legitimately known gang, for all the right reasons.

If a group of friends/players has more than 4 members, it is considered a gang, and as such, needs to apply for Gang Whitelisting.

All gangs & gang members are subject to the roleplay progression rule.

Chain of Command

Gang Administration | Moderators

Gang Leaders

Gang Members

Forming a Gang / Whitelisting

Getting Whitelisted

  • Under #jobs-n-hobbies, open a Gang Whitelist application ticket and fill in the details. A member of the team will then follow up.

  • Members of whitelisted gangs will be given a role to indicate their whitelisted status.

  • If approved for whitelisting, your gang will be considered a “Gang in Probation” for 30 days, during which time multiple gang strikes will not be tolerated.

  • If you pass the probationary period, your gang will be considered fully Whitelisted.


  • When applying, have the following information prepared: Gang Name, Identifier (Sash/Buckle etc), Leaders, Members, Preferred Territory, Preferred Activities, Usual Active Hours, Allied Gangs

  • Gangs demonstrating continued good behavior will receive a Discord role for their gang.

 Strike System

  • Gang Strikes are issued if 3 or more members of a gang are involved in a rule-breaking scenario.

  • A strike will remain active for at least 30 days, if no additional rule breaks or strikes happen in that time, the strike will be considered inactive.

  • If a gang receives multiple strikes within 30 days, the gang may face punishment ranging from an enforced gang crime cooldown, to the gang being disbanded, depending on the number of active strikes.

  • If a member receives multiple moderator actions for rule breaks, staff may inform you that they need to be removed from the gang as a whitelisted member.

  • Gang Strikes will additionally be tied to players, so strikes may be removed from a gang if problematic members are removed. Likewise individual players with multiple strikes may be blacklisted from joining any gang.

Gang Management | Details

Gang Roster

  • Designated Gang Leaders should keep the moderation team informed of any changes within their gangs roster, e.g new recruits joining or people leaving. A Gangs Management can add & remove members from their roster at any time (with the exceptions below)

  • Members can only be part of one gang and there will be a 3-day cooldown for members when added to or removed from a roster, as gang hopping is prohibited.

  • Gang members cannot be added to your roster during an active Gang War, only when it has concluded.

  • State Employees may be in a gang as part of their story arc. No more than 25% of a gang's roster will be allowed to have primary or alternative characters within the law departments. 

  • Non-Whitelisted criminals can’t be involved in scenarios with Whitelisted criminals to get around the numbers rule or to avoid Gang Strikes.

  • Note: Failure to update your roster in your gang ticket will not free the gang of responsibility should rules be broken by a member that has left the gang.

Numbers in a scenario

  • Members of a Whitelisted gang can have 6 members participate in any criminal scenarios. 

  • Note: non-whitelisted gangs/criminals can only have 4.

Roster size

  • Gangs can have a maximum of 20 active members.This is to prevent any one gang monopolizing crime overall on the server or a specific area.

  • Gangs in Probation can have a maximum of 12 members.


  • Gangs are limited to having two declared allies. 

  • Gangs may be on friendly terms with multiple gangs, however, only a gang's declared allies can participate in Whitelisted crimes with them.

  • An ally can be used for information, supplies, resources, etc.

Gang Bases

  • Gangs may declare a single hideout/home/business they own as their base of operations.

  • A gang defending their registered base from an attack may use any members present at the time of the attack. (Telegramming for reinforcements is not allowed once the attack has started & members should not login to help)

  • A gang attacking another gang's registered base may only have a maximum of 6 involved. (Unless agreed by both sides via a ticket)

  • If law chases you to your base after you perform a crime, they can freely enter and search the place for gang members, attempt to make arrests and so on. (The base defense clause does not apply here)

  • If law just wants to search the base for your gang to pursue a warrant/bounty, they must request a Search Warrant from a Chief Deputy Marshal, Lead Marshal or Commissioner.

  • Attacks on a Gang’s Base will have a 24 hr cooldown to prevent gangs camping other gangs.

Gang Territory

  • Gangs can claim a town/area as their territory and seek to control that territory in various ways, e.g stopping another gang drug-dealing there, pushing another gang out of the town and so on.

  • Gangs do not own claimed territory, even if they have businesses or property there. Claiming a territory is purely RP.

  • Gangs cannot prevent townsfolk from using amenities within a territory they’ve claimed.

  • Gangs can prevent a member of a rival gang member from using such amenities during a gang war.

Criminal Activity

Whitelisted Crimes

Gangs who are whitelisted can perform the following crimes:

  • Bank Robberies

  • Gang Wars

Non-Whitelisted Crimes

All players can perform the following crimes.

  • Bank Bond Transports

  • Drug Dealing/Production

  • Drug Running

  • Grave Robbing

  • Player Robbery

  • Market / Store Robbery

  • Moonshine Production & Delivery

  • Train Robbery


  • Gangs can participate in Whitelisted Crimes with allied gangs (with the exception of Gang Wars)

  • Non-whitelisted crimes can be done by anybody and allied gangs can do them together.

Law Interactions

Value Your Freedom

  • A criminal gang wouldn’t want undue attention on them from law, as such, gangs shouldn’t seek frequent hostile engagements with law. 

  • Whilst interacting with law is naturally a big part of criminal RP, you should still value your freedom and not unnecessarily provoke or go after law without a valid RP reason to do so. 

  • Seeing a group of law and wanting to go “screw around” with them is not good RP and heavily discouraged. Instead, allow your law interactions to come from proper RP scenarios & criminal activities.

Properties & Businesses

  • If a gang attracts a lot of law attention over a short period of time, law may request warrants to search or temporarily seize the business & properties of a gang until conditions are met, for example, handing over a wanted criminal, reducing hostility towards law, etc. (Note: This is all within RP, is temporary and can only be done with Commissioner approval)

Gang Wars

There are times when two gangs will get into a conflict, better known as a Gang War. This could be because a gang robbed another gang’s member and things escalated, started dealing on their turf or are trying to squeeze another gang out of their territory.

Gang Wars can provide a lot of fun RP for all involved, however, a gang war shouldn’t be pursued if one of the sides participating either backs down or no longer wants to continue it.

Two Gangs should also not be at war with one another permanently, going around in circles with no end goal in mind.  

If you are wanting to go to war, please request via your gang ticket so we can verify with both sides.

Beginning a Gang War


  • If a PVP situation between both gangs happen, there is a minimum 2 hour cooldown between PVP scenarios, as this allows time for both gangs to regroup, as well as law to investigate, doctors to tend to wounds, etc. We don’t want constant PVP scenarios happening.

  • Gangs may rely on other gangs they are allied with for information or even supplies, however, multiple gangs shouldn’t group together to go against another gang as part of a Gang War.

  • You cannot declare war on State Employees, such as the Sheriff’s Department, DoJ, etc

War Terms

  • Both gangs involved in a war should agree to terms. This can be done IC & relayed to the moderation team, or confirmed via your gang ticket.

  • Terms can include things such as, limiting weapons in PVP (no snipers, dynamite etc)

  • Terms should also contain a loose win condition that would settle the war for both sides to prevent a war from dragging on.

  • Gangs may also set a “stake” in their war if both sides agree, this could be anything from agreeing to pay the winning gang in cash, supplies or things such as character deaths or territory loss. 

Ending a Gang War

  • If both sides meet and agree to terms to settle the dispute, they should be respected, however, it’s still within the realms of RP for one side to renege on the deal, providing the RP that comes of it makes sense & is enjoyable for those involved.

  • Gangs may also request permission to end the war via a PVP scenario in which both sides agree to terms, a location, and fight it out, with the side who remains standing declared the winner of the Gang War. Going over 6 may be approved for this.

Natural War Ending Clause:

  • If Gang A is defeated by Gang B in a PVP/combat situation. Then Gang B should not attack Gang A again unprovoked. Gang A can choose to retaliate and if they do not within 72hrs, both gangs should consider the matter settled. 


Big John’s gang are caught drug dealing in Thieves Landing which is the territory of the Bucky Boys. The Bucky Boys confront them, end up knocking one out and letting the other go to spread the word to the rest of the Big John gang.

If Big John’s gang don’t retaliate and stop drug dealing in Thieves Landing, then the Bucky Boys shouldn’t continue to pursue the conflict. 

If however Big John’s gang don’t retaliate, but do continue to drug deal in that territory, the Bucky Boys are within their right to continue the conflict.

Note: If a gang war is dragging on, incites rule breaks or negatively impacts the server. Staff may intervene and request the war be settled.

Going over 6

  • If both gangs (or law) agree to it via a ticket, the moderation team will permit gangs involved in an active war, or law pursuing a gang to engage each other with up to a maximum of 12 on each side. (Note: Law can only request this with Commissioner approval)

  • This should be at a predetermined location and with proper RP build-up, this does not mean you can have groups of 12 roaming around hunting one another and this will be strictly monitored. 

  • If you do not have 12 members, you cannot use members of an allied gang to fill out your roster. As this risks bringing a 3rd gang into the war.

  • If a player is downed (critically injured) in a high number scenario, they should not re-engage and consider themselves out of that particular scene. RP injuries etc.

  • RDM rules still apply for players not involved in a given scenario so it’s highly advisable to ensure all involved parties are aware of who they’re engaging. 

  • If permitted to go over 6 for a scene, gangs must be wearing their typical attire/identifier so they’re more easily recognised by the other groups in the scenarios and so innocent bystanders aren’t dragged into scenes/shot down by mistake.

  • This cannot be done in highly populated areas as up to 24 people from gangs may be present. So choose somewhere remote.

Special Scenarios

  • For gangs in good standing, we may permit the use of the armed wagons (war wagon/gatling chuck wagon) in scenarios, as well as potentially support with placing stationary heavy weapons for RP scenarios that support them. We’d ask that requests are made through your Gangs ticket, explaining the intended use, etc.

  • If there is a really good RP reason for it, we may allow a Sisika breakout scenario to take place between a gang & law. However, this will be granted rarely and there will be IC consequences for it. E.g if the inmate being broken out is caught, they could serve a long sentence IRL time or even face hanging.